University Code of Conduct

Standard of Conduct

7. Ethically Conduct Teaching and Research.

University researchers have an ethical obligation to the University and to the larger global community as they seek knowledge and understanding. Community members are expected to:

  • propose, conduct and report research with integrity and honesty;
  • protect people and humanely treat animals involved in research or teaching;
  • learn, follow, and demonstrate accountability for meeting the requirements of sponsors, regulatory bodies, and other applicable entities;
  • faithfully transmit research findings;
  • protect rights to individual and University intellectual property;
  • ensure originality of work, provide credit for the ideas of others upon which their work is built, and be responsible for the accuracy and fairness of information published; and
  • fairly assign authorship credit on the basis of an appropriate array of significant intellectual contributions, including: conception, design, and performance; analysis and interpretation; and manuscript preparation and critical editing for intellectual content.