Anonymous Reporting Service

Concerned about a possible violation of law or policy and are uncomfortable raising it through normal channels? Use “Ureport,” the University’s anonymous reporting service. This reporting service is provided by NAVEX Global, an independent company that provides similar service for hundreds of companies and universities.

What to Report: Report any situation or University conduct you believe violates an applicable law, regulation, government contract or grant requirement, or University policy. You do not need to know the exact law or requirement, or be certain a violation has or will occur. When in doubt, the better course of action is to report.

What not to Report to Ureport: Report emergencies to 911. This reporting service also does not include employment concerns that are not legal or policy violations, purely student concerns, or issues for which the University is not responsible. Of course, that does not mean to ignore such concerns--for these, and other such issues, see “Other Reporting Options and Contacts.” Again, if you are uncertain, the better course of action is to report.

Your Obligations as a Reporter: University employees are expected to report good faith concerns about possible violation of any policy, law, rule, regulation, contract or grant governing any University activity, and are expected to be truthful and cooperative in the University's investigation of allegations. Knowingly making false reports can lead to discipline.

How to Use Ureport: Ureport is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

On the Web, enter information into requested fields and submit it. By phone, you are greeted by a trained interviewer who documents your concerns. You don’t have to give your name, and the call or transaction is not recorded. A report number will be assigned, which you will need when you check back. Then the information will be relayed to the appropriate University office to investigate your concern. Using the report number, you may call or e-mail to follow up or add more information and remain anonymous.

More Information: For more information on University reporting requirements and processes, see the University’s Policy and Procedures for Reporting and Addressing Concerns of Misconduct.

University's Anonymous Reporting Service: The home page for Ureport has much more information and resources about anonymous reporting.