Who is my departmental approver?

Your departmental approver is the person who is responsible for reviewing all of the REPAs filed in your department or unit. Typically, your departmental approver is your Department or Unit Head/Chair/Director.

How do I enter my departmental approver's information?

You must enter your departmental approver’s internet ID in the white box above the “Confirm Approver” button. To enter your departmental approver’s ID:

  1. If your appropriate departmental approver appears as a selection below, click the red hyperlink for the departmental approver’s internet ID to populate the white box. You will then be able to proceed through the REPA.
  2. If no appropriate departmental approver shows up, you can either enter your departmental approver’s internet ID manually (if known) or search for the internet ID using the “Search x500” function. Once you find the departmental approver’s internet ID, type it in the white box and then click “Confirm Approver.” Your departmental approver’s information should then appear below and you will be able to proceed through the REPA.

I still can’t figure out who my departmental approver is.

If you still cannot figure out who your departmental approver is, your collegiate contact may be able to help. A list of collegiate contacts can be found here.


  1. I know who my departmental approver is. However, after I type in my departmental approver’s X.500, I receive a message that says "No approver with an Internet ID of [X.500] can be found". How do I proceed?

    Make sure that you have entered the departmental approver’s X.500 correctly, in all lowercase with no spaces. Do not include "@umn.edu." If the system still won't accept the departmental approver, it is likely that the person is not set up as a departmental approver. Please contact your collegiate contact to confirm that you have the correct departmental approver.

  2. Can my departmental approver be the same person as my collegiate approver?

    Your departmental approver cannot be the same person as your collegiate approver. The vast majority of REPAs require two levels of review: your departmental-level approver (typically your Department of Unit Head/Chair/Director) and your collegiate-level approver (a centralized approver for all REPAs in your College or Academic Unit).

    If you are a Department Head or otherwise report directly to the Dean/Head of your College or Unit, you may need to be “special mapped” directly to the collegiate approver to bypass department-level review. To be “special mapped”, contact the COI Program at 6-1462 or repamail@umn.edu.

  3. I am employed in a small department/unit and my department/unit head is not set up as an approver. Who should I enter as an approver?

    There are many small departments and units within the numerous institutes and units throughout the University. If your direct departmental or unit supervisor is not set up as an approver, your departmental approver is likely the Head or Director of the entire institute or unit you are employed in.