A conflict of interest may exist when University employees have financial and business relationships with external business entities. The Conflicts of Interest Program works with employees to manage conflicts of interest, where they exist.


PROGRAM UPDATE - April 14, 2017

2017 REPA Filing Season

The 2017 REPA filing season began in January with an email notification from the Conflict of Interest (COI) Program to faculty and staff required to file an annual Report of External Professional Activities (REPA).  Filers who hold a “University Official” position also are required to complete a Financial Disclosure for University Officials (FDUO), which will appear after completion of the REPA.   

Faculty and staff who join the University in 2017 will receive an email from the COI Program that will provide the instructions for completion of the REPA and the Conflict of Interest course. The email will be sent approximately six weeks after the new employee joins the University.    

The REPA can be accessed here. If you are unable to access the REPA, please send an email to repamail@umn.edu or call the REPA Helpline at (612) 626-1462.

Change in Circumstance REPA

If after filing your annual REPA you acquire a new significant financial interest (SFI) or business interest (BI) that is related to your University responsibilities and expertise, or you have a change in your University responsibilities (such as the award of a new research grant) related to an existing SFI or BI, pursuant to University policy you should file a change in circumstances REPA within 30 days of acquiring the interest.

To complete the REPA, click on the “Fill Out a REPA Form” button on the COI Program Homepage, select “change in circumstance” as the reason for filing, and disclose the new information accordingly:

  • Disclose a new SFI by answering “yes” in response to General Question 2, and answer the subquestions;
  • Disclose a new BI by answering “yes” in response to General Question 3, and answer the subquestions;
  • For Public Health Service funded researchers, disclose business entity sponsored or reimbursed travel by answering “yes” in response to General Question 5, and answer the subquestions.

Conflict of Interest Training Requirement

Individuals required to file a REPA must complete the conflict of interest training when completing the REPA for the first time, and when four years have elapsed since last completing the course. The Conflict of Interest module titled “Conflicts of Interest: Balancing Risks and Opportunities” can be accessed on the COI Program Homepage by clicking the “Conflict of Interest Course” button.

PHS Funded Researchers:
Avoid Retrospective Reviews of your Research!

The Continuing Obligation to Disclose new Significant Financial Interests, Business Interests, and Reimbursed or Sponsored Travel. Learn more