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AD01 Institutional affiliation Affiliation Agreements with other institutions under which University students fulfill requirements for practical education (e.g., nursing) at the other institution. This does not include an agreement creating a relationship with an "Affiliated Organization" such as the University of Minnesota Foundation.
AD02 Joint powers agreement Agreements with Minnesota governmental units for joint projects, not sales or purchases (e.g., sharing any type of resource to accomplish a common goal).
AD03 Foreign institutions agreements International study abroad agreements or international exchange agreements between University colleges or units and institutions in other countries.
AD04 All-university international exchange University-wide agreement with a foreign institution. System campuses may add a schedule to a U-wide agreement
AD05 Volunteer services agreements Agreements with individuals setting out the terms of the individual's participation in a University program (e.g., Volunteer Agreement and Release, Volunteer Researcher Agreement and Release, and Volunteer Confidential and Proprietary Information Agreement.)
AD07 Student teaching Contracts with school districts for student teaching experiences (e.g., Affiliation Agreement: Institutional Students Single Program -Non- AHC Programs)
AD09 Sponsorship and co-sponsorship of non-athletic events and programs, including museum and library exhibitions, and student union activities Agreements with external entities that include such things as sponsorship/cooperative programming and co-sponsorships.
AD10 Co-sponsorship for athletics signage Agreements with one or more external entities to purchase advertisement space (signage) for athletic events.
AD11 Institutional membership agreements Agreements for the University's membership in an external organization.
AD12 Releases of liability agreements Agreements that release the University from potential claims and permission to use photos and recordings (e.g., University Field Trip Participant Release; Program Participant Release; Speaker Release; Talent Release etc.)
AD14 University library materials (maintenance, development, and administration) All agreements related to University library materials. Examples include purchases and licenses.
AD15 University archive materials (maintenance, development and administration) All agreements related to University archive materials. Examples include deeds and donor agreements.
AD16 Confidentiality agreements (non-research) Confidentiality agreements and other contracts that include confidentiality provisions.
AD19 Accept legal documents relating to law suits Receive complaints, petitions and other forms of legal service on behalf of the Board of Regents (contact the Office of the General Counsel immediately) (Also known as Service of Process)
AD20 Powers of attorney Documents granting non-University persons or entities authority to perform on the University's behalf. The most common Customs Powers are for freight forwarders to allow them to clear University purchases through Customs.
AD21 Settlement of small legal claims against the University Settlement of claims that would otherwise be tried in small claims (conciliation) court.
AD23 Settlement of Liability Claims, including settlement of RUMINCO insurance-covered nonprofessional liability claims; appeal adverse rulings Claims initiations, adverse rulings appeals, and legal and administrative claims settlements; including workers compensation claims for AHC, appeal adverse rulings and settle claims in professional liability cases arising out of health sciences. All other legal claims settlement, appeal or initiation. This includes claims covered by RUMINCO.
AD27 Outside legal services contracts Retainer agreement engaging the services of outside legal entities
AD30 Affiliated organizations (e.g., University of Minnesota Foundation, Arboretum) Forming special-purpose entities separate from Regents of the University of Minnesota
AD31 Non-research grants Grants; contracts and subcontracts from businesses, other organizations and government agencies that are not administered through Sponsored Projects Administration (e.g., funding for first year success programs; curbing high-risk alcohol use )
AD32 Import/Export Signature Authority Authority to execute forms and other documents (e.g., permit applications, certifications, declarations) needed to comply with government import and export requirements
FN01 Fringe benefit program Contracts with external providers for fringe benefits (medical insurance, life insurance etc.)
FN02 External sales of goods and services An agreement with an external entity to provide the goods or services. Services could include use of a University lab or non-lab services such as rapid prototyping from Natural Resources Research Institute.
FN04 Purchase of goods and standard services up to $49,999 Authority for units to issue a Purchase Order for up to $49,999
FN05 Purchase of goods and standard services between $50,000 to $999,999 Authority for purchases at this specified threshold, which must be completed through Purchasing Services. Requires using a competitive process (RFP or RFB) or an express, written exemption.
FN06 Purchase of goods and standard services $1,000,000 and above Authority for purchases at this specified threshold, which must be completed through Purchasing Services and requires Board of Regents approval.
FN07a Purchase of professional services up to $49,999 Authority for contracts with individuals or companies, to include agreements with consultants (other than designers [FN32], construction contractors [FN33], attorneys and litigation experts[OGC only])
FN07b Purchase of professional services between $50,000 and $999,999 Authority for contracts with individuals or companies, to include agreements with consultants (other than designers [FN32], construction contractors [FN33], attorneys and litigation experts [OGC only]). Requires using a competitive process (RFP or RFB) or an express, written exemption.
FN08 Purchase of monumental works of art in public spaces Contract to commission work of art, which is not limited to, 1% for art provision
FN09 Purchase of non-monumental works of art; purchase of museum works of art Specially commissioned work agreement, gift, bequest or other contract for works of art in any University building; and specially commissioned work agreement, gift, bequest or other contract for art to be displayed at one of the museums in the University system
FN11 Use agreements (University as landlord) with a term of less than 90 days Contracts for external entities to use University space (buildings). Examples of these contracts to lease facilities: Facility Use Agreements; Multi-Facility Use Agreements; 4-H Agreements; Summer Housing/Conference Agreements; Residence Hall Agreements; Summer Camp Agreements; Suite and Loge Box Agreements; Photo and Video Shoot Agreements; Exhibitor Agreements
FN12 Lease and use agreements for University use of facilities (University as tenant) Contracts where the University is leasing property/space. Examples include: Apartment Lease; Office Lease; Office Sublease; Use Agreement; Facility Use Agreements; Hotel Agreements and Exhibitor Agreements; 4-H Agreements; Leases (including office, building, storage, warehouse, residential, farm, land, ground and subleases)
FN13 Purchase and sale of real property (University as buyer or seller) Reflects real estate transactions where the University is purchasing or selling property. Examples include the Purchase and Sale Agreement (University Buyer); Purchase and Sale Agreement (University Seller); Option Agreement; Right of First Refusal or Offer Agreement; Real Property Sale Closing Documents and Deeds
FN14 Agreements for specific use of property, where either the University is the landlord/property owner or tenant/licensee. Applications for Permits and Easements; Encroachment Agreements; Utility License Agreements; Access Agreements; Construction Staging Agreements; Air Rights Agreements; Site License Agreements; Collocations Agreements
FN15 Lease assignments Includes the transfer of leasehold from the existing tenant to a new tenant (the University may either be the tenant or the landlord); miscellaneous real estate transactions; leases pertaining to University land, ground, and farmland; leases of University-owned facilities including office, building, storage, warehouse, subleases, parking license agreements, use and service agreements; and leases of University-owned residences, caretaker leases, and residence halls agreements.
FN22 Issuance of debt Bonds underwrite engagement and termination negotiations; interest rate swap utilization as additional vehicle for management of outstanding debt
FN27 Investment transactions Management and execution of the University's investment program, including the purchase and sale of securities and actions related thereto; the engagement and termination of investment managers and advisors; and the exercise of voting rights related to University securities
FN31 Insurance policies Corporate liability and property insurance agreements; property, casualty, and liability insurances
FN32 Agreements for predesign, design, consulting services, testing, and commissioning of facilities Predesign, design, testing and professional services related to construction and maintenance of facilities, including buildings, equipment and systems
FN33 Construction and construction management of facilities Agreements related to construction, alternation, renovation, improvement, and maintenance of buildings equipment and systems, for example: General Contractor Agreements, Design-Build Agreements, Construction Manager at Risk Agreements, and Owner's Representative Agreements
FN34 Distance education Contracts to buy, sell and license online education
FN35 Intercollegiate athletics Agreements with leagues, other institutions, or related parties to participate in or host intercollegiate athletic event(s)
FN36 Agreements with Fairview, resulting from governing contracts Agreements between the University and Fairview to include contracts for services, subcontracts from awards, clinical services, governance issues, etc.
FN37 Agreements with UM Physicians UM Physicians agreements, resulting from governing contracts (e.g., practice plans)
FN39 Publication agreements Acquire rights and publish works of scholarship and other interests
HR01 Class title Creating/approving a position classification structure for University employees
HR02 Non-tenured faculty appointments Non-tenured faculty appointments, salary changes, status changes, resignations, terminations
HR03 Settlements affecting terms and conditions of employment without a monetary component Settlement agreements with employees (all employee groups) (For settlements with a monetary component, use AD21.)
HR04 Professional & Academic Administrative (P&A) employee appointments P&A appointments, salary changes, status changes, renewal or non-renewal of date specific appointments, resignations, terminations
HR05 Civil Service employee appointments Civil Service employee appointments, salary changes, status changes, resignations, terminations
HR06 Emeriti faculty agreements Agreements with Emeriti faculty which may pertain to ongoing privileges, other services and privileges, health insurance, and contractual agreements
HR07 Labor represented employee appointments Labor represented employee appointments, setting salary, status changes, resignations, terminations
HR08 Labor union contracts Non-faculty labor union agreements (e.g., Teamsters, AFSCME)
HR09 University Education Association (UEA) contracts UEA agreements governing the Duluth and Crookston faculty
HR11 Early termination of P&A staff and suspension during a nonrenewal period Actions related to early termination for one of three reasons (fiscal emergency, program curtailment, and just cause.) This also includes suspension during a nonrenewal period.
HR12 Severance agreements Documentation of an agreement reached between an employee and the unit/University that covers separation from the University. (all employee groups)
HR13 Staff appointments and clinical privileges for faculty at health care agencies outside the University Contracts to implement staff appointments and establish clinical privileges. (This authority does not apply to privileges established through UM Physicians.)
HR14 Outside consulting by eligible faculty and Professional & Academic Administrative (P&A) employees Request permission by eligible University employees to consult externally to the University when established time thresholds are met
HR16 Grievances for Civil Service and Labor Represented employees - Phases I and II Disposition of the grievance from Phases I and II
HR17 Grievances for Civil Service and Labor Represented employees - Phase III Disposition of the grievance from Phase III, including settlement agreements or accepting/rejecting the Phase III panel decision
HR19 Leave agreements for all employee groups Leave agreements including but not limited to, family and personal, disability, medical, study, parental, professional development, military, administrative and transitional
HR20 Faculty development leaves Leave agreements for faculty development leaves (entrepreneurial leave, sabbatical leave, and single semester)
HR21 Faculty and Professional & Academic Administrative (P&A) vacation deferral Agreements with faculty and P&A, under exceptional circumstances, to be allowed to carry forward vacation leave into the next twelve months.
HR22 Phased retirements and terminal leaves Phased retirement and terminal leave contracts for eligible tenured faculty and academic professionals with continuous appointments.
HR24 Retirement benefits Contracts with external providers administering retirement programs
HR27 Coach employment agreements Employment agreement for head and assistant head coach
HR28 Multi-year Professional & Academic Administrative (P&A) appointments Multiple year appointments for P&A employees are renewable at the discretion of the responsible authority.
HR29 Faculty dismissal for cause Termination of a faculty appointment based on criteria/requirements set forth in Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure
HR30 Exception to tenure credit for new faculty Allows for the authority to not reduce the probationary period for prior service (e.g., if the prior serve was in a different discipline, too long ago to provide good evidence of the appointee's current professional development).
HR31 Statement of standards for awarding tenure Document which requires a statement from each department for its standards for tenure, which are written by the department, reviewed by the dean, and approved by the Provost.
HR32 Appointment home transfers A transfer of appointments between units for both regular and non-regular faculty, primarily in the event of a programmatic change that leads to discontinuation of a program
HR33 Extension of maximum period of probationary service (tenure-track faculty) Provides for an extension related to personal medical reason, caregiver, new parent responsibilities, reduction of appointment to less than 67%, or other.
HR34 Continuous Professional & Academic Administrative (P&A) appointments: appraisals Annual performance review of employees with a probationary appointment (H) being considered for continuous (G) appointments. (G) appointments are granted for an indefinite term to P&A employees with appropriate review, approvals and action by the Board of Regents. The definition of continuous appointment parallels that of indefinite tenure for faculty found in the Tenure Code.
HR38 Chair endowment levels Memorandum of agreement with the donor that specifies the appointment and length of term for each position
RS02 Approval of employees to serve as principal or co-investigators on a sponsored project Approval is reflected through the unit signing off on the proposal routing form
RS03 Sponsored awards with business and industry sponsors Business and industry research agreements
RS04 Subawards for research, training, and public service activities Subawards issued to a third-party subrecipient to carry out part of a program for which the University of Minnesota received a sponsored award
RS07 Research involving animals Grants and contracts implementing research, training, and public service programs where there are animal subjects
RS08 Research involving human subjects Grants and contracts implementing research, training, and public service programs where there are human subjects
RS09 Research, training and public service programs with U.S. government, its agencies or subdivisions and nonfederal sponsors Grants and contracts implementing research, training, and public service programs. Includes proposals for research, development, service and training contracts, subcontracts, grants and contracts
RS10 Filing for patent protection, licensing patented inventions, and assignment of patent rights including income distribution rights This includes (i) seeking governmental protection for University-owned Intellectual Property ("UIP") rights, including signing Powers of Attorney for patent lawyers, and small entity status claims; (ii) out-licensing or assigning UIP; (iii) in-licensing Intellectual Property from third parties. Examples include: Assignment and Income Distribution Agreements; Patent License Agreements (Exclusive and Non-exclusive); Software License Agreement (University as Licensor); Software Distribution License Agreement (University as Licensor)
RS12 Confidentiality agreements (research) Confidentiality Agreement - University and a sponsor share information that may not be disclosed. Used in anticipation of a potential agreement.
RS13 Copyright registration Registration of copyrights, to include software and course material
RS14 Copyright licenses Licensing copyrighted works owned and not owned by the University; and including a licenser permission on behalf of the University
RS15 In-licenses and permission agreements Obtaining a licenser permission on behalf of the University to use copyrighted works not owned by the University
RS16 Trademark licensing and filings (athletics and non-athletics) Registration of trademarks and licensing trademarks owned by the University, including those trademarks associated with athletics. Includes Trademark registration forms, licenses, sponsorship agreements and real estate agreements that include use of trademarks owned by the University