Searching the Delegations of Authority Library

Search by Delegator

Click on the Delegations Search button. If you know who the delegator is, enter that person's X.500 internet ID (the part of the U of M email address that comes before the "") in the "Delegator" box. You can find their X.500 by using "User Lookup". Click "Search". You will see a list showing all authorities that have been delegated by the individual that are effective as of the date of the search. The same procedure may be used to search for a Delegatee.

Search by Unit

To search for delegations for a particular department, simply enter the Enterprise Financial System (EFS) DeptID directly into the unit’s search box. If you wish to search for a particular college or campus, you may enter that value in the Unit field or click on College/Campus/All University Codes Lookup. (Please note that the codes are the old alpha codes that contain only four characters and can be used for large searches such as TMED for the Medical School or TCLA for the College of Liberal Arts.)

The full list is automatically displayed. You may scroll the list or enter either the Code or some portion of the unit title. Once you find what you want, you may click on the code # and this will populate the Units Covered field automatically.

Search by Authority

You will see a list showing all authorities. To narrow your search you may enter an Authority code, a Delegator, or a Unit or any combination thereof.

Printing the Results

You may either print a single page by using your browser once you’re on the page you want, or click on the printer icon that is also labeled Print All Results (right side of the Results Page).

Note: Often the results to a search will come back with more information than you requested. Make sure when you print your results that you only print the pages with the information you want.