About the University Compliance Program

The Team

Boyd Kumher

Chief Compliance Officer

Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert

Compliance Program Coordinator

Executive Oversight Compliance Committee


The Executive Oversight Compliance Committee is charged by the President to oversee the University’s compliance activities and programs to ensure they are reasonably designed, implemented, enforced and effective in preventing and detecting violations of the law and University policy. The Committee oversees the programmatic initiatives proposed and taken by the Office of Institutional Compliance to ensure that these efforts ultimately promote an organizational culture that encourages a commitment to compliance and ethical conduct.


The Committee is responsible for assuring that the University’s compliance programs have the core elements of a model compliance program as prescribed by the United States Sentencing Guidelines. These elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Assuring that compliance roles and responsibilities are clearly established across the University system
  • Assuring that the University implements standards of conduct, policies, procedures and internal control systems reasonably capable of reducing misconduct
  • Requesting and receiving information on the effectiveness of the compliance programs from individuals with day-to-day operational responsibility
  • Assuring that individuals responsible for the compliance program have adequate resources, authority, and competencies to carry out their responsibilities


The membership of the Executive Oversight Compliance Committee consists of members of senior management selected by the University’s President, and other persons as deemed appropriate. The current membership is:

  • Chief Auditor
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dean of the Medical School and Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
  • General Counsel
  • President's Chief of Staff
  • Provost
  • Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations
  • Vice President for Equity & Diversity
  • Vice President for Human Resources
  • Vice President for Research
  • Vice President for University Services
  • Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Compliance Partners

The Compliance Partners are a formal network of University officials who oversee operational compliance functions in 31 different risk areas of the University. The network was established in 2004 and has four objectives:

  1. Compliance Oversight/Information to Leadership
  2. Operational Accountability
  3. Systemic Compliance Program Evaluation
  4. Alignment of Compliance Activities and Compliance Risks