Compliance Partners

The Compliance Partners are a formal network of University officials who oversee operational compliance functions in 31 different risk areas of the University. Responsibility for most of the risk areas is system-wide such as access/disability issues, environmental health & safety, building codes, grant administration, etc. Some risks are decentralized by campus such as athletics, dining, housing and public safety. The network was established in 2004 and has four macro objectives:

  1. Information to Leadership/Enabling Compliance Oversight: Leadership regularly receives sufficient information to effectively oversee the compliance program.
  2. Operational Accountability: Clearly identified offices/roles were established for compliance activities and structures are in place to ensure compliance activities are carried out.
  3. Systemic Compliance Program Evaluation: The University made an initial evaluation of its primary compliance risk areas to identify program strengths and weaknesses based upon the model program elements; the University created a structure to ensure its compliance program is continually evaluated.
  4. Alignment of Compliance Activities and Compliance Risks: Compliance activities, as defined by the model program elements, are balanced appropriately with the organization's compliance risks to ensure adequate controls are in place using the most efficient use of University resources.

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